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    Cara Rotate Video Menggunakan Komputer atau Smartphone

    Kadang-kadang video yang kita ambil menggunakan talipon pintar akan berpusing 90 darjah ketika dimainkan pada komputer atau TV. oleh itu video tersebut perlu di rotate pada sudut yang sesuai.

    Berikut sedikit infomasi bagaimana untuk rotate video menggunakan komputer atau talipon pintar pada sudut yang kita perlukan.

    Menggunakan Komputer

    Terdapat beberapa perisian yang boleh melakukan proses ini. Paling mudah menggunakan Cyberlink Power Director.

    Untuk lebih lanjut bagaimana proses suntingan sila lihat video

    Menggunakan Talipon Pintar

    Browse for a movie rotation/editing app. There are a variety of free and paid apps available for both iOS and Android phones and tablets. Check the features and reviews before you make a decision, especially if it costs money. Popular apps include:[4]
    • Video Rotate Free – iOS
    • Video Rotate and Flip – iOS
    • mVideoCut – Android
    • Video Toolbox – Android
    1. 2
      Open the file in the app. Once you’ve installed the app, open it and then select your video file. The process is slightly different for each app, but you should be able to browse the videos that you have stored on your phone and select the one that you want to rotate.
    2. 3
      Rotate your video. Once you’ve imported the file, you can start rotating it. Your options will depend on the app you are using, but almost all allow for basic 90° increments.
    1. 4
      Export the file. Again, this will be different from app to app, but generally you can export the rotated file back to your phone so that you can view it at any time.

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